Careers without Four Year Degrees

There is this common misconception that there are no jobs. This statement has made very many students give up in their studies. The rationale according to them is that there is no point of working so hard only to go searching for jobs in vain. The truth of the matter is, you do not even have to be in anyone’s college to get a job. And with that statement, you are more attentive. There are so many jobs out there that do not require you to have a college degree at your disposal.
Nowadays it has become very rare to find people practicing within the area that they have studied for in the university or college. For instance you will find a journalist working at an embassy dealing with project management, a psychologist will be found doing a journalist’s job. It is all about what you have to offer the world. So, here are some six jobs that don’t require college degrees.

Insurance agent

The only thing you will need here is some training on the principles of insurance. The company that hires you will pay for the training. The starting salary here revolves around $26000. However, considering the fact that virtually everyone needs insurance of this kind or the other, you will find your salary improving tremendously. Insurance agents normally sell the insurance policies to clients. There are those who specialize on a specific type of insurance there other others who sell insurance generally. There are great opportunities to earn big money and move up the ladder and you do not need a degree from a college.

Executive assistant

Executive assistants work with the senior personnel in an organization. They offer support to these people by doing such things as research, organize the individual’s calendar, preparing reports. There are other assistants who will also train and supervise the other administrative staff. The starting salary for this job is $30000. If you take up such a job then you are in a position to make connections that will be really helpful as you get to interact with top-level executives not only in the company you are working for but also in other companies.

Paralegal assistant

This is almost the same thing as an executive assistant only that you will be working in a law firm. The paralegal and legal assistants offer support to lawyers in their work. They will conduct legal research on a particular case and prepare draft documents. They will also deal with maintenance and organization of the filing system. You will not need a four year degree but you may require a certificate in paralegal studies at entry level. If you have a plan to become a lawyer one day, then you are encouraged to take this option, get an idea of how things really are, then you can go to school and do your degree in law.�

Heating/refrigeration mechanic

The salary is usually around $26000 per annum but it is in this line of work that you will find the highest potential of growth in salary. These mechanics deal with anything pertaining to regulation of temperatures in a home or business. Therefore, they will deal with air conditioning, heating and refrigeration installation as well as repair. The work they do is usually more than one imagines.


Freelance writer/editor

Freelance writers earn quite a lot especially those who work online. The best thing about this job is that you can work from anywhere. It is a really flexible job and the only thing you will need is an internet connection, a computer and good grammar in whatever language you are writing in. Depending on how much you write, you can earn as much as $40000 in a year. There are others who earn more than this value. Translators also get a lot of money through the internet. In this case you will have to be very proficient in more than one language.

Fashion designer, artist or musician

These jobs are all about talent. Can you come up with a fierce outfit that Lupita Nyong’o will wear when she is receiving another Oscar? Can you spin up a hit song that will bring Beyonce to your feet? Then you are highly encouraged to go for it. The problem with these art jobs is that the industry is just congested. Nonetheless, that should not be a cause for your worry. If you know that you are talented in art, you can draw or perform you should work at it till you are successful because eventually you will be successful.

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